The Wild Things Arrive October 2009

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Spike Jones is one of my heroes. He’s become a cultural icon by doing exactly the unique projects that he wants to do. I can watch any of the music videos he did with Michel Gondry over and over. And like Gondry he looks at things through the eyes of a child. This is why Where The Wild Things Are should be a great film.

There was some news today that the release of the live action version of the children’s book is set for October 2009, a full year later than its original date. Apparently the studio was not totally comfortable with Spike and Dave Egger’s interpretation. I’d imagine that was to be expected, as the pair brings a very indie sensibility to a big budget piece. Either way I get weirdly nostalgic of the idea of massive sums of money being spent to make an adult version of one of my favorite childhood reads. It’s like someone taking a camera into your memories.

EW sounds the bugle.

And for those of you that want extra credit, here’s a great piece in The Times about Maurice Sendak’s kind of troubled existence.

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