Like a petite farm girl fresh off the bus, Harvey and Bob Weinstein also have Broadway dreams. Unhappy with only taking over the gaming world, the brothers are eyeballing the Great White Way for song and dance adaptations of some of their hit films.

Finding Neverland, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Cinema Paradiso, and Chocolat are all properties that the Weinsteins are hoping to shoehorn a little razzmatazz into. Finding Neverland is the furthest along with a book by Grey Gardens team Scott Frankel and Michael Korie. But what other Weinstein films deserve to be told via the inspirational power of jazz hands?

It would be cool to see Clerks or Scream or Kill Bill adapted for the stage, but I think the Weinstein property that's really crying out to be sung  is Who's Your Caddy? Get Lil Wayne working on the songs and you've got a hit on your hands, my friend. (NY Observer)