The Miley Cyrus comedy So Undercover has finally found a distributor in the Weinstein Company. Our nation can breathe a collective sigh of relief to know that this October, the viewing public will be treated to an action comedy starring Miley Cyrus, Jeremy Piven, Mike O'Malley, and Kelly Osbourne with the following plot:
"Cyrus plays a young girl who is hired by the FBI to go undercover at a college sorority. She's a tough streetwise private detective who has to become a refined sophisticated university girl to protect the daughter of a former mobster."

A (made up) Weinstein Company exec was (fake) quoted as (not) saying:
"Yes, that face and twang DO say 'tough streetwise private detective,' why do you ask? I think she'll totally pull it off. Well, maybe she does look a little young in the face, and maybe she doesn't have a tough bone in her body, but... um, Piven! Piven will pull this thing together right? He's dependable! Oh god, what have we done?"