It's hard to wrap my head around the "Dean" as a proper noun rather than a job description for some old dude with patches on his sleeves, but I will do my best to suspend disbelief and acknowledge that Dean Israelite is a real, human boy man, and will be directing the new War Games.

The original War Games was released in 1983, and taught a generation to hate and fear computers when Matthew Broderick managed to somehow hack NORAD and convince the world that it was going to declare global thermonuclear war on itself.

I'm not exactly sure why someone feels this needs to be retold. I mean, the protagonist could now do it from an iPad, but that's not a great reason, is it?

The director, Israelite, just made his debut helming Project Almanac, so this will probably get him a fair amount of exposure. Let's hope he can do something a little different here.