The first details regarding the collaboration between the Wachowskis (The Matrix) and Netflix were vague at best. They would be doing Sense8, a ten-episode run about "a global story of minds linked and souls hunted."


Now we're finding out that the eight people the show focuses on are actually being hunted by an evil organization, and are telepathically linked. The show, which has been pushed back from 2014 to early 2015, will star Daryl Hannah and Lost's Naveen Andrews as two of the eight.

The characters in the show are set to be a diverse bunch, both demographically and psychographically. It will feature a closeted Mexican soap opera star, a German safecracker, and a transgender blogger, just to name a few.

The show was scheduled to start filming in June, so we should be getting some teasers and possibly set pics in the not-too-distant future.