The Voltron Movie is Officially Happenning

Monday, August 18 by

When I used to think about how people came up with ideas for movies, I had an image of a bunch of people sitting in a room, eating Chinese food and drinking coffee until all hours of the night, when a wave of genius washed across the room, bringing to live a brilliant cinematic idea. Now, it seems like the studios are sending 20-somethings into their mom’s attics to find a box of old toys or comic books they can just "reboot." And that’s where the Voltron movie comes in.

There has apparently been a pretty solid script floating around for this story about a team of star fighters and their huge robot vehicle, but it’s only now taking the steps to transform into a real movie. It seems like a no-brainer after Michael Bay’s Transformers made enough money to build a colony on the moon. Voltron is like taking Transformers and combining it with Power Rangers, so you can play on the pointless nostalgia glands of two different generations of cartoon-addicted kids.

They haven’t announced a director, but as long as they pick someone who knows how to make a big explosion, they should be just fine. It’ll be interesting if they try to modernize the story like they did for Transformers or if they leave it all retro and campy. As long as they don’t animate it like they did with the latest TMNT movie, I’ll be happy.

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