In honor of Fast & Furious, opening this Friday, Screen Junkies wanted to take a joy ride down memory lane and pay homage to what we think are the most memorable automobiles ever put on film.  To make this list, you didn't have to be the fastest; you didn't have to be the coolest.  Hell, you didn't always have to work.  But personality gets the most mileage, and these forty vehicles have enough personality to drive forever.  

Screen Junkies presents... The Top 40 Cars From Feature Films!



Make/Model: 1973 Volkswagen Transporter

German engineering is celebrated the world over, but when maintenance is neglected, das auto goes kaput.  So learned the family in Little Miss Sunshine, who had to get the VW started by pushing it and then scurrying into the seats as quickly as possible before it takes off without someone.  Worst-case scenario, you just wait for Dad to pull back around and for someone to yank you in through the sliding door.  And it seats one dead relative in the back.


Make/Model: 1948 Ford De Luxe

This is the one that I was forced to put in there, because every female I spoke to in doing research for this list had it at #1.  Personally, I turn Grease off every time it pops up on TV, if only because I can’t get the damn songs out of my head.  Cuuurse you, Greeeeeaaaaaaaase!!!  There are technically two Greased Lightnings, and I’m going to go with the one at the end of the movie that can fly.  (Editor’s Note: Buh???) 


Make/Model: 1977 Chevrolet Corvette

Most people say guys buy cool cars to compensate for a lack of size down there.  But if you’re ‘70s and ‘80s porn superstar Dirk Diggler, you need no help in that department.  Nonetheless, you need a ride to reflect your aura and one that harnesses your chi (you know f**king karate!).  Try this orange corvette.  You’ll be staving off chicks and Philip Seymour Hoffman for years.


Make/Model:  1987 Lincoln Towncar Limousine

The last thing Die Hard's John McClane needs while stuck in the Nakatomi building is for his limo driver Argyle (De’Voreaux White) to not hear his distress calls.  But the system inside this Towncar’s cabin is rock solid, and its giant Zack Morris-style carphone make it easy for Argyle to get distracted wooing ladies.  Fortunately, Argyle is perceptive enough to spot a terrorist when he sees one in the garage, and enterprising enough to know that his limo is the best way to take him out.  One of the unsung heroes of movie car-dom.  


Make/Model: Customized 1993 Ford Explorer SUV

John Hammond “spared no expense” when he created Jurassic Park, but no amount of money put into his theme park could have spared its visitors from hungry Dinos on the rampage.  These custom outfitted Explorers were some of the more iconic design elements of the film, but they got a raw deal.  They were probably more recognizable hanging from trees or overturned and crushed in mud.

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