Make/Model: 1977 & 2009 Chevy Camaro

Transformers Director Michael Bay was accused of “raping our childhoods” when he eschewed Bumblebee’s VW Beetle roots for the Camaro, but in the end, it was a stylistic choice that worked.  Hell, it got Shia Laboeuf to first base with Megan Fox.  Now that’s a car worth the sticker price!  (If you’re into indirectly paying for sex, but aren’t we doing that every time we take a date to Chili’s and order an extra appetizer?)


Make/Model: 1970 Dodge Charger

This car was unveiled in the original Fast & The Furious, and makes a return in the new one, eight years later (back from the dead, too).  It hasn’t lost any of that power that Vin Diesel’s character is willing to admit he’s afraid of.  We are afraid of Vin Diesel, hence this car makes the list. 


18. THE MACH 5

Make/Model: Racer Motors Mach 5

Call the Wachowski’s Speed Racer what you will (like a cool piece of pop art if you take the stick out of your ass).  Their version of the Mach 5 was like some experimental jet with its afterburners on full, careening across tracks that look like Mario Kart designed by acid heads.  Its got everything a driver could want, including retractable saws, tire crampons, and a chimp in the trunk.

17. 1960's BATMOBILE

Make/Model: Customized 1954 Lincoln Futura

Based on the Lincoln Futura concept car, this was the “King of Kustomizers” George Barris’s greatest creation.  It had already been popularized in the Adam West-starring TV show, but looked much cooler in widescreen when it screeched into movie houses in 1966. 


Make/Model: Modded 1973 Ford Falcon XB GT Coupe

An Aussie neo-classic, this was the mode of transportation for the MFP’s top pursuit man and road warrior “Mad” Max Rockatansky (Mel Gibson).  It also made for a really efficient way to take down pesky motorcycle gang members in the scorched outback.  Good on ya!  

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