Make/Model: 1976 AMC Pacer

Ahh… the Mirth Mobile from Wayne’s World.  Never before has such a pedestrian car been given a custom flame paintjob and a tape deck, and been transported into a chariot of the rock gods.  You have not heard Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” until it has marched forth from the Pacer’s speakers and crushed your eardrums.  It will be mine… oh yes… it will be mine.  (It would also be stretched into a limo version in Wayne’s World 2.)


Make/Model: 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder SWB

If you go through the trouble of orchestrating the greatest skip day in the history of skip days, then you have to ride in style.  If you’re Ferris Bueller, you can finagle your way into a free Ferrari rental – especially if your friend is Cameron Frye, who, deep down inside, would like nothing more than to destroy his pop’s most prized possession.  With a few swift kicks, he accomplishes the feat.  Way to take a stand, Cameron.  Do you have an insurance claim for Daddy?


Make/Model: 1970 Dodge Challenger

Never before has a movie (Vanishing Point) been referenced by so many commercial and music video directors when pitching other car commercials.   Mark Romanek even did a pitch-perfect homage to this film for an Audioslave video, with Chris Cornell in place of Kowalski.  The car and driver are so influential, even UK rockers Primal Scream have a song and album named after the film.  Then Tarantino brought back the exact same make and model for Death Proof.  And it’s got a hemi! 


Make/Model: GM Batmobile

This probably had the most hype surrounding a movie car that I had ever experienced when Batman came out in ’89.  Built on a Chevy Impala chassis but with nothing else recognizable about it, its alien design (plus Burton’s clever camerawork) made it look a heck of a lo faster than they ever drove it in the movie.  The scene where it drops some bombs and blows up Axis chemicals on auto-drive was pretty impressive, too. 


Make/Model: Ford LTD Country Squire (sort of)

National Lampoon’s Vacation would have never had its greatest conflicts without the Family Truckster, the car Clark Griswold was forced to drive the family to Wally World in.  The wood?  Faux.  The paint?  Metallic pea.  The results?  Best family vacation EVER.  (Christmas was pretty awesome, too… as was European.)

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