Make/Model: 1964 Lincoln Continental

Flounder’s brother’s car is wrecked when Otter, Boon and some of the other Animal HouseBrothers take it on an ill-planned road trip.  But the enterprising D-Day resurrects it like a fiery phoenix and redubs it, “the Death Mobile.”  Face it, Flounder.  This car is much better off as a nihilistic parade float then it ever was as a chick magnet.


Make/Model: 1969 Dodge Charger

Say what you will about Jay Chandrasekhar’s feature film adaptation of The Dukes of Hazzard, but its version of The General Lee was a huge upgrade from TV.  Sure, the new General defied physics in exponentially ridiculous ways.  And sure the Rebel Flag painted atop its roof defied that little equal rights thing that we strive for… but no matter what color you are, you’ll agree that this orange hunk of metal and rubber looks damn good screaming through the air.  


Make/Model: 1977 Pontiac Trans Am

Any bootlegger will tell you that the Trans Am is the only way to travel.  Those flaming chicken decals on this Smokey & the Bandit classic were sure to deflect the attention of authority figures…  But I guess Bandit was never one to worry too much about Buford T. Justice catching up with him when he had this black beauty as his horse.  Cletus and Fred at arm’s reach via CB didn’t hurt either. 


Make/Model: 1958 Plymouth Fury

In this filmic adaptation of the famed Stephen King novel, the car managed to outshine her more animated co-stars while scaring the crap out of us, thanks to Bill Phillips’ chilling screenplay and John Carpenter’s precision filmmaking.  As the tagline says, “She's the Devil Incarnate.  She's Christine.  Body by Plymouth.  Soul by Satan.”


Make/Model: 1968 Ford Mustang GT390 Fastback

Steve McQueen is so badass, Hollywood had to greenlight two movies about him in the same year.  But McQueen’s character, Bullitt, never needed a green light to give chase to a perp.  Here’s a fun drinking game to play while watching Bullitt:  every time the Mustang loses a hubcap, have a beer.  You should be able to finish off a 12’er before the movie’s over.   Just don’ drive home.

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