The ‘Star Wars’ Tattoine Set In Tunisia Will Soon Be Buried Under Sand

Tuesday, October 22 by
It's pretty much already covered in sand.  

Everyone’s favorite Tunisian film set is in danger of slowly being covered by encroaching sand from the north African desert. You read that right. May God help us all.

The set of Tattoine, which has long served as a dorky tourist attraction for Star Wars fans who find themselves in Tunisia (but why?), will soon succumb to sand that is migrating towards the structures at an amazing breakneck pace of 4 cm per day.

Unless something is done (sandbags?), the area will be covered in sand in about two years, which would torpedo any hope of filming future films there.

We’ve only got so much bandwidth in our lives to care about things, and it’s up to you to decide if you want this to be one of those things.

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