All around Hollywood, wannabe screenwriters are pacing frantically down hallways to get to their Mac laptops, so they can download the PDF of the entire screenplay for Aaron Sorkin's much beloved drama The Social Network. Now they can rea the master writer's words as he wrote them. These students of the craft think to themselves, "I'm ready to learn how it's done from one of the greatest screenwriters of all-time!"

They'll start reading the pages and pages of dialogue that they already saw in the movie, get bored around page 23 and log into the actual social network, where they'll write on their Facebook wall about how great the screenplay is. When their quote unquote screenwriter friends see these posts, the cycle will repeat itself for a few sad days. Meanwhile, all their quirky dramedy spec scripts will spend yet another day unfinished.

And some asshole blogger will point that out and will feel kinda bad, but not really. (Deadline)