The first trailer for Sorority Row, the remake of 1981’s The House on Sorority Row, is up and running...for... its... life.  Check it out, and then check out our photo gallery of all the sorority sisters after the jump.  No pressure or anything. 

That Chris Isaak "Bad Bad Thing" song and the hooded people are straight out of Eyes Wide Shut.  Fingers crossed the film follows up with a foam party orgy and a  kid from the school marching band playing an organ while blindfolded. 

In any case, why don't you come on over to the Theta Pi house and meet the girls!

Briana Evigan is "Cassidy"



Rumer Willis is "Ellie"



Jamie Chung is "Claire"



Audrina Patridge is "Megan"



Margo Harshman is "Chugs"



And Carrie Fisher is house mother "Mrs. Crenshaw." 

And here's Mrs. Crenshaw back in college.