‘The Shield’ Alums Chiklis And Goggins Find Some Work

Monday, July 11 by

If you’re pursuing an acting career, think long and hard about at least an internship with The Shield’s Strike Team, as it seems to offer a wonderful springboard into high-profile acting gigs for its graduates.

Deadline reports that Michael Chiklis will be taking his brand of “stocky and bald” to Taylor Hackford‘s Parker, playing the villain opposite Jason Statham‘s hero. Two bald men enter, but only one will leave…

Walton Goggins, who has made a fair amount of noise as the ambivalent Boyd Crowder on Justified, will be taking his homespun southern mannerisms and batshit crazy hair to Spielberg’s Lincoln, where he will play Ohio (not southern, I know) Congressman Wells A. Hutchins, a rep who champions the abolishment of slavery. Nice work there, Boyd. This role comes on the heels of this summers Cowboys and Aliens and the Straw Dogs remake. This guy just loves all things southern! And who can blame him? It’s a wonderful cardinal direction!

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