Bring out the party hats, because the MPAA has a new chairman and CEO. Former Democratic senator Chris Dodd is taking over the position after leaving the senate last year. He was elected in 1980 (CT) and ran for President in 2008. While he has little experience actually working in the entertainment industry, he has been an ardent supporter of the MPAA for years, and wrote a banking law just last year involving stopping a futures market in movies. Barry Meyer, chairman and CEO of Warner Bros had great things to say about Dodd:
"Chris Dodd not only has the political instincts and experience, but he's the right person to lead the film industry through its toughest challenges regarding content protection and piracy on a domestic and global scale."

Hear that, jerks? Chris Dodd is coming after you with guns blazing. You better wipe that copy of The Social Network off your har drive and fast unless you want to feel the almighty wrath of Dodd. You've been warned. (Hollywood Reporter)