[caption id="attachment_14520" align="alignnone" width="550" caption="Pictured above: Ricky Gervais and a mole"]


Ricky Gervais will loan his lilting voice to Mole in WETA's production of The Wind In The Willows. The story follows four animals being polite to one another and drinking tea for 90 minutes in the English countryside. Or something.

Okay, quick question: how the hell did it take this long to cast Ricky Gervais as a mole? Did he have laryngitis when they were recording voices for Fantastic Mr. Fox? Or was he just waiting for the right mole role? This doesn't make sense.

Just like it didn't make sense that Morgan Freeman had been a working actor for 45 years before he was cast as Nelson Mandela. Either these casting types are blind or too nice. (Variety)