Yesterday when I saw headlines about The Rock producing and potentially starring in a movie about a teddy bear, I rolled my eyes, expected another bland family film from the former wrestler and moved on. In my defense, I didn't know that the movie was going to be based on this illustration.

How awesome is that?! No. Not the picture which The Rock's assistant found on DeviantArt. The fact that all it takes these days to make a movie is a drawing. That's incredible. Besides the picture should totally be put in the able hands of Pixar.
The picture in question was drawn by Alex Panagopoulos, a Greek software engineer turned fantasy artist. It features a little girl asleep in bed while a small brown teddy bear -- brandishing a laughably small wooden sword and shield -- holds an enormous, fanged monster at bay. And in the fashion of a motivational poster, a caption reads “Teddy Bears: Protecting innocent children from monsters under the bed since 1902."

Hiram Garcia, a former assistant to Johnson, found the illustration and brought it to Flynn’s FlynnPictureCo and New Line. The company, Flynn and Johnson together made the 2012 family adventure movie Journey 2: The Mysterious Island; Garcia was an associate producer on the film, which made nearly $328 million worldwide.

Let's hope this does well and opens the door for other under-conceived films making it to the screen. Like this one:

I've been trying to get that bitch into production for five years. (THR)