Will Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson be able to divorce his nebbish, neurotic image and play an oily muscled Greek? The answer is OH SWEET CHRIST YES.

Lest you think that this Hercules film will be a study of Greek mythology, a period piece that examines the infancy of civilization, now's as good a time as any to mention that Brett Ratner is directing the film and it's based on a comic book published by Radical Comics.

It's like Wrath of the Titans meets...Clash of the Titans. Yay!

This project has been kicking around since 2008, when Peter Berg was attached to direct. But art called, so Peter Berg went off to do the Battleship movie with Rihanna, leaving Ratner and The Rock to delight in this film that no one anywhere is excited to see at all.

Next up for The Rock is Pain and Gain from Michael Bay, while next up for Ratner is another semester of sensitivity classes.

But will audiences be able to see him as anything but the Scorpion King?