The Queen Liked ‘King’s Speech’, Totally Hated ‘Tron’

Friday, February 4 by

Royal movie critic Queen Elizabeth II saw Academy Award nominated movie The King’s Speech and gave it four and a half corgis. That’s right, she sacrifices dogs whenever she sees a movie. It’s a royal tradition.

The film portrays her father, King George VI, as an uptight stutterer who eventually goes on a ridiculous swearing binge. Up until now, nobody on Team King’s Speech — Colin Firth, director Tom Hooper — knew what the subject of the hidden track on “Abbey Road” thought of their film. Now they know, because The Sun reports:

“[S]he found it moving and enjoyable. She was clearly amused by some of the lighter moments.”

The Queen is also a documented Nintendo fan, so I’m sure she’s greatly anticipating “The King’s Speech: Stutter Busters” for Wii. It comes with a phonograph peripheral.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was also as-gracious-as-can-be-expected about his biopic The Social Network, even appearing on SNL with star Jesse Eisenberg, pretending to be cool about everything. Damn it, why aren’t these people more outraged about Hollywood taking liberties with their lives? Back in the good old days, if William Randolph Hearst didn’t like your movie about him, he would bury your film in the papers and attempt to buy all the negatives so he could burn them. Now that’s what I call a kickass reaction to a biopic. (TheWrap)

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