Finally, Russell Brand will be the one getting his girlfriend stolen, rather than do the stealing. I'll never forget what he did to Peter Bretter with that Sarah Marshall girl. Horrific stuff.

In the newly announced The President Stole My Girlfriend, Brand will play a sexy hippie (is there any other kind?) who has his girlfriend stolen by the president of the United States. Hmm. Any president who is taking sloppy seconds from a dirty, dirty hippie probably isn't fit to be elected in the first place.

The premise sounds decent, but I really would like to know who's going to play the prez, as that part could make on break the film. I feel like the girlfriend role isn't as important, as these type of films are generally written without much attention paid to the female character. See also: the aforementioned Sarah Marshall.

I think this film could be really great if they got Barack Obama to play the lead. Sure, he's busy, but he's not THAT busy.