What should have been this year's least offensive film, Aardman Animation's The Pirates! Band Of Misfits, has gone and pissed off leprosy groups. Seriously. Clay pirates have caused offense.

Lepra Health In Action and the International Federation of Anti-Leprosy Associations took issue with a scene in the trailer when a man declares himself as a leper just seconds before his arm falls off. Aardman apologized for the offense (probably in a hilariously proper British way) and agreed to change the scene. An Aardman spokesperson says:

“After reviewing the matter, we decided to change the scene out of respect and sensitivity for those who suffer from leprosy. The last thing anyone intended was to offend anyone and it is clear to us that the right way to proceed is to honor the efforts made by organizations like ILEP to educate the public about this disease.”

I assume the scene will now feature characters inflicted with severe pain, muscle weakness, eye problems, and enlarged nerves primarily around the elbow and knee. The changes to the stop-motion scene is expected to be finished in three years. (Deadline)