It looks like Robocop really is Detroit's favorite son. Though Mayor Dave Bing shot down the suggestion that the city could boost tourism by building a statue honoring the mechanized flatfoot, citizens of Detroit are hoping they can raise the monument themselves.

A group of sci-fi fans, artists, and business leaders have pledged they will raise the $80,000 needed for the statue with hopes to erect it at the outdoor media center Imagination Station. Supporters have started the Build a Statue of Robocop in Detroit Facebook page, created the website, as well as a Kickstarter campaign.

How serious are the supporters, though? Is this something they truly want or are they blinded by the kitsch appeal? I would say they are because $80,000 seems really steep. You could probably pay Peter Weller half of that to show up in costume and hang around. Or if money is even tighter than that, you can definitely get the guy from Robocop 3. (Detroit Free Press)