The winning comment of the week goes to Mark for his comment on the John Cusack Is So Raven post:

"He would look a lot more like Poe if he developed a debilitating alcohol addiction."

I say I'd have to agree with him. Congrats, Mark! You win The Other Guys on DVD.

And now for your runners-up, who will each receive a luxurious Screen Junkies t-shirt:

Reel Rumble: Is David Keith or Keith David a Bigger Badass?

PaulRuddNumber1Fan: "ASS TO ASS!"

New Trippy'Rango' Trailer

Hippychimes: "A snake wearing a cowboy hat? This movie is so unrealistic."

Johnny Depp Acts Like a Pirate In a Trailer Again

Nickyp717: "Watching Jack Sparrow take a dump for two hours would still be more entertaining than'The Tourist.'"

Kudos to our commenters all around. Keep on making your opinion known and getting into fights. We promise not to break them up.