The Osbournes Squeeze More Money and a Documentary Out of Ozzy

Tuesday, September 16 by

You would think four seasons of a wildly popular reality show and even a Behind the Music would be enough time to get Ozzy’s story out there, but Jack and Sharon are reportedly teaming up to release a movie about the Oz Man’s life in honor of his 60th birthday. As a fan, I think the movie could be good, but as a guy who hates hearing people’s Ozzy impressions, I’m a little tentative.

Jack is apparently taking on a co-executive producer role with his mum, Sharon and the pair are going to fund the film themselves. I guess Sharon probably has wads of cash kicking around from her time on America’s Got Talent and Jack has the money from, um, well Sharon has money, at least. They’re saying that the reality show was too mainstream and didn’t actually get to the dark stuff. If it means not having to watch one of the greatest front men of all time dick around with a TV remote for a half-hour, then I guess I’m all for it.

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