The Avengers will be filming in...Cleveland. It's uncertain why a group of bad-asses that travel the world would end up in the much-maligned Midwestern city, but my guess is that they felt like performing a civic duty and turning the local economy around. Maybe the whole film is about them visiting the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. I'm kidding.

They're going snorkeling in Lake Erie.

Whatever the reason, the decision to film there is a coup for civic leaders, who have been searching for a way to get Cleveland back in the American consciousness since their previous salvation, LeBron James, decided to take his talents to South Beach. Wayne Hill, of the Greater Cleveland Film Commission (which, since "The Drew Carey Show" went off the air, was probably probably a calling tantamount to being unemployed) says it's “the largest film ever shot in Ohio.” Duh.

For those unfamiliar, The Avengers is an ensemble film featuring many of the stars of the Marvel Comics universe, most of whom have gotten their own films already. The laundry list of superheros includes:

Previous reports had solidified the film would be shot in Brooklyn, then one surfaced saying the majority would be shot in Albuquerque, then rumors of filming in Detroit were dashed, so don't get too married to the idea of filming in Cleveland just yet. However, when a member of the Greater Cleveland Film Commission speaks, you listen, so remain cautiously optimistic. (Bleeding Cool)