The Terminator films have gotten a little more nebulous since the Arnold Schwarzenegger halcyon days. The films and TV shows have dealt with wars in the future, a prequel that followed John Connor through his matriculation to clown college (not really), and lots of time travel with new characters. It appears that the next installment will be finding its way a little closer to the story's origins, with Arnold starring in the film(s) alongside Jason Clarke.

The film, which kicks off a new trilogy and TV spinoff, will be called Terminator Genisys, with "Genisys" probably serving as some heavy-handed wordplay on how the "system" was "generated." Or somesuch bullshit.

Here's how the announcement was delivered: By Arnold Schwarzenegger sitting in a backlit chair with the film's title on it. Via Instagram. That's what passes for a big reveal these days, I guess.

Boy, he wasn't kidding when he said, "I'll be back," was he?!?!?!?!!!!111!!!!

*collapses onto floor, sobbing*