We already knew that Jesse Eisenberg had been tapped to play the "Doogie Howser of terrorism," in The Terrorist Search Engine, but now the project has a writer and director in Oren Moverman, who previously pulled double duty on the acclaimed film The Messenger and the upcoming with the LAPD flick Rampart. Though the deal is right now just for his writing efforts, it's largely thought that he will be the favorite to helm once the script is completed.

The Terrorist Search Engine tells the true story of Evan Kohlmann, who at the age of 23, was able to sift through massive amounts of data and turn up pertinent information, leading to the arrest of myriad radicals, culminating in ove 24 convictions.

Will Jesse Eisenberg be able to play such a cold, disaffected analyzing machine? Every role he's had in the past points to "yes."