As if juxtaposing the loose cannon, crass stylings of Melissa McCarthy with the supercool Jason Statham wasn't enough, the producers of Spy have decided to roll rapper/Vitamin Water magnate 50 Cent into the mix. Spy will of course be directed by Paul Feig, because that's who directs Melissa McCarthy films.

50 Cent has appeared to tepid reception in his semi-autobiographical Get Rich or Die Tryin' and that movie with Robert DeNiro.


*Googles "50 Cent DeNiro movie"*


HOLY HELL, 50 Cent has been in TWO movies with DeNiro. 2008's Righteous Kill and 2012's Freelancers. He's the new Pesci! 

Perhaps inoculating the film and 50 Cent from his limited range as an actor is the fact that he will be playing yourself. If you can't play yourself well in a film, then you're a weirdo.

Fiddy, you hot.