The success of Disturbia, which was a reworked teen version of the so hot right now Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window, is unsurprisingly spawning another teen-Hitchcock movie, albeit puzzlingly a few years after the fact. Maybe The Man Who Knew Too Much has been tough to get on Netflix for the past 4 years?

Anyway, they're getting around to The Kid Who Knew Too Much (is it really going to be called that? Good lord), and it's apparently going to be a neat reversal of the premise for the first movie (movies, actually - Hitchcock made the movie once in the 30s, and remade it in the 50s) which has a couple traveling overseas trying to find their son who's kidnapped as part of an assassination plot. The new version would have the "kid" of the title trying to rescue his parents, because that's something that's believable.

Film buffs will recall that the 1956 version of this story spawned a popular song for Doris Day "Que Sera Sera," so it might make sense to cast a singer in the lead role. Might we be reporting in a few months that the movie is going to be called The Bieber Who Knew Too Much? (via SlashFilm)