Tim & Eric aren't the only ones trying to get people not to go see The Lorax. Fox News cuckoo bird Lou Dobbs sat in front of a television camera and made the accusation that The Lorax is part of a conspiracy between Hollywood and President Obama to brainwash our children. Dobbs, a grown man who gets paid for what he does, asserts that The Lorax and a film called The Secret World of Arrietty were created to "indoctrinate" children into supporting pro-environmental causes and the Occupy movements.

Dobbs claims the liberal media is ignoring the secret messages of these films that are "plainly demonizing the so-called '1 percent' and espousing the virtue of green-energy policies, come what may." That's a pretty obtuse way of seeing things. These films, like many others, are simply about likable characters standing up to total dickheads. Yes, The Lorax does deal with characters fighting off deforestation but so did Ferngully and Avatar and Woody Woodpecker. Another kids film recently maligned by Fox News was The Muppets also took a stance against greed.

Since Lou Dobbs (who likely has gardeners and landscapers at his spacious mansion which he didn't lose when the economy crumbled) hates the environment so much, can we move him out to the desert?

(Media Matters)