It's the strangest thing. The same studio, producer, director, writers, and star of Pirates of the Caribbean got together to remake The Lone Ranger, and it was turning out a lot like Pirates of the Caribbean. Weird.

A lot of questions were raised by Friday's news that the plug had been pulled on The Lone Ranger until the budget could be brought down from the current $250 million. Screenwriter Ted Elliott shed some light on the project, much of which explains the huge budget. You can go ahead and cringe now, just to get it out of the way.
It was going to be a Tonto show mainly. Tonto as the top dog and more dominant than the Lone Ranger. Tonto and the Indian spirits like Obi Wan Kenobi and the force. The driving engine was going to be Native American occult aspects worked in with werewolves and special effects, [b]ut flavored with doses of Native American spirituality in a serious way.

Also, the recent flop Cowboys and Aliens soured the studio on the mashup of werewolves and cowboys and Indians. Possibly they were turned off of the idea of a mashup, and possibly they just realized that sometimes audiences don't like really dumb movies.

So now we have to wait for Disney to replace all the werewolves with sexy vampires, and we'll be good to go.