Armie Hammer, the actor clean cut enough to play not one, but two Winklevosseseses and the Lone Ranger in Disney's upcoming adaptation is living a double life! Behind that clean-cut facade and tight body (what?), Mr. Hammer enjoys taking the pot in edible form. Two cookies and a brownie, to be precise.

To be fair, Armie was in possession of seemingly the smallest amount of pot (.02 ounces) that can still constitute "having some pot on you." After consulting with uh, a friend, it would seem that .02 ounces is, like, barely a bowl. So the question isn't "why did Armie Hammer have pot on him?" but rather, "Why did Armie Hammer have so little pot on him?"

Another question to ask yourself is why was he carrying it in Sierra Blanca, Texas, the town where Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg were also busted for weed. Further, what was Armie doing hanging out in a Texas border town frequented by the likes of Willie and Snoop? Get back to Nantucket, Armie. Stat!

(via TMZ, duh.)