Lots of things happen. Things are always happening. They happen all over the world, to people, to animals, to plants even. Here are some things that happened in movies and tv that I didn't write about today.

Rob Reiner is not dead. Even after The Bucket List. He will be directing the Book of Shadows. Didn't he make Spinal Tap? This should be interesting. (Comingsoon)

There will be Watchmen footage tonight on SpikeTV. Fanboys, be sure to pick up an extra bottle of motion lotion and a new box of Kleenex. (Slashfilm)

Daniel Craig will NOT be playin Thor, the Norse god of long hair. But the producers are in talks with Mike Cera. (The Playlist)

This one is too hilarious to pass up and has noting to do with movie. And I wrote one of them. Haiku poems for websites. (Holytaco)

A fatwa has been issued for Simon Cowels. Wait, does that mean there is a price on his head? Because if that’s the case I need to buy a sniper rifle and a plain ticket to douchbagbritishguyshire (UK Mail)

Spike Lee fires his agency after his last historically inaccurate movie flops. (whogivesashit.gov)