You may not know his name, but you probably know him as "that loud, shrill guy that you wish would step aside for a few minutes so the plot could advance a little." That's Mr. Ken Jeong. He's been in films like The Hangover, and Knocked Up, and had a recurring role on Community as Professor Chang.

Well, he's getting the call to star in The International Incident, a film produced by Steve Carell that will follow a collection of U.N. delegates as they go on a road trip to reunite a lost love. That's a high-concept logline right there, folks.

The film will be directed by the Daily Show writer David Javerbaum, which means nothing to any of us.

If you think 90 minutes of Jeong is a tall order, just think about those poor fictional characters that have to be in the car with him for the entire road trip. Ugh.