After hiring a steady stream of actors you've never heard of, The Hunger Games has brought in a name you should kinda know. Toby Jones will star alongside the previously cast Stanley Tucci  as a guy who looks like a caricature drawing the co-host of the deadly games.

Best known for his roles in W., The Mist, and Infamous, Jones looks like he'll be breaking through big in the next few years. Fanboys everywhere will see him this summer as the villian Armin Zola in Captain America: The First Avenger (seriously, can this guy go anywhere without Stanley Tucci?), and to have a role in The Hunger Games will raise his profile significantly. This is great news as Jones is a terrific actor, but sad news for Clint Howard. Looks like Hollywood has a new "Whoa, Is That That Guy's Face???" Guy. (Deadline)