Andrew Niccol loved The Host so much that he not only adapted the book into a screenplay, but now he's directing the damn thing. The adaptation of Twilight scribe Stephanie Meyer's follow-up novel has gotten traction with this news and last week's announcement that Saoirse Ronan (Hanna) will be starring. The news of Niccol's involvement at the helm comes after Susanna White, who was originally attached as the director, came and went from the project with little fanfare.

Niccol has a slightly more proven track record as a screenwriter than a director, but it was his work as both on the film Gattaca that led Meyer to feel comfortable lending her work to him for adaptation.

For those unfamiliar, The Host follows a girl named Melanie Stryder (Ronan) in a time when parasitic aliens invade human's bodies, erasing their personalities and consciousness. However, Stryder proves to be more resistant in giving up fellow humans once she is "invaded," inspiring the inhabitant soul to reconnect with elements of her old life, including her boyfriend (OMG!).

It helps to understand it if you're an alienated 14 year-old that wishes they'd never been born. (Variety)