The photo below is the first cast picture for Peter Jackson's The Hobbit in New Zealand, but don't be alarmed. Despite MGM's recent money troubles, Jackson isn't filming some kind of barebones, "experimental," sweded version. Rather, this is just a nice press conference photo before they spend every day of next year wearing heavy robes, caked in pounds of make-up, sweat and their own tears.

Here we see Martin Freeman (BBC's The Office) who'll play "Bilbo Baggins," one of the funniest character names ever. Unfortunately, a lot of the big names are missing from this photo, like Ian McKellen or Cate Blanchett, but we do see a lot of the guys playing his back-up dwarves, like Richard Armitage as Thorin Oakenshield, Mark Hadlow as Dori, and Ken Stott as Dwarf Lord Balin. Boy, you know that dwarf is straight Balin, amiright?

The Hobbit journeys epically to theaters December 2012 & 2013. (FirstShowing)