MGM is in talks with the fella, Timur Bekmambetov, to direct a remake of Ben-Hur, possibly because they were so impressed by his faithful adaptation of the life and times of Abraham Lincoln in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

Maybe he'll give Ben-Hur werewolf teeth or supertough skin or something. Anyway, Timbur may need to rearrange some stuff in his schedule if this is to happen, cause he's really got a full plate with his upcoming Squirrels, which sounds like a Pixar knock-off, but is really about a swarm of flesh-hungry squirrels stuff.

So, needless to say, this guy has his finger in a number of very diverse cinematic pies, so let's just give him some room as we eagerly anticipate watching Squirrels sometime in 2017 when we're really hungover and can't find the remote to change the channel.