Let's start off with a quote about how Paul Verhoeven, the director of such decidedly secular fare as Showgirls, Robocop, and Basic Instinct, views Jesus, shall we?
"I picture [Jesus’] travels more like the camping trips my friends and I used to go on when we were teenagers. Being crammed into a tent with your buddies has its drawbacks…Jesus’ companions must have heard him snore, snuffle, and fart."

It would appear that he's staying with the secular theme for his Jesus movie as well.

Financing is coming together for Verhoeven's unnamed film, and the project has found a screenwriter in Rules of Attraction scribe Roger Avery.

The Dutch director has always had a penchant for the Christian faith, having been a member of the Jesus Seminar, a group of academics and enthusiasts who used beads to vote on the factuality of Christian lore. Also, the director claimed that Robocop was through-and-through a "Christ story."

Which I guess would make Clarence Boddicker Pontius Pilate.