Those left cold by the absence of Davi Paul Boreanaz from the silver screen since 2001's Valentine can rest easy. He's hard at work on a new film and, no, it's not a direct-to-DVD Crow sequel co-starring Edward Furlong and Tara Reid. The "Angel" and "Buffy" star will spend his summe break from "Bones" filming the indie Officer Down.

Directed by first-timer Brian A. Miller, Officer Down tells the story of a doctor and a security guard who see one another's daily lives while dream. Their paths cross when the security guard murders his wife, gets hit by a car and is brought into the ER. It could happen to any of us. Boreanaz will play an ambitious rival to Stephen Dorff's detective character. Also starring are Dominic Purcell, James Wood, Stephen Lang and AnnaLynne McCord. So, at the very least it has the James Woods stamp of quality. (Deadline)