In case it wasn't an accepted fact that Wes Anderson films traffic in quirk the same way banks deal with money, he would like to submit one more exhibit to convince you: a website that offers up a fake academic case study on the fictional nation that is the setting for his latest film.

Yup. That sounds like our Wes. The site, which you can get to right here, serves as a fake old-school film, complete with the sound of film running through a spool. Cause that's how W.A. rolls.

Then, once you choose one of three links, you get to scroll through presentations horizontally, as though they were on microfiche. Is there anything more Wes Anderson-y than microfiche?

Maybe obscure songs from The Kinks catalog, but that's about it.

So enjoy the site, then enjoy The Grand Budapest Hotel, which, according to the information garnered here, may not be in Budapest.