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I’ll get the obvious corny statement out of the way:  The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard actress Jordana Spiro does, in fact, have “The Goods.”  Har.  She plays Ivy Selleck, love interest to Jeremy Piven’s Don Ready and fiancée to Ed Helms’s Paxton Harding in the film.  The movie looks racy, but expect Spiro to add a layer of class and beauty to the film (as far as we can tell, they gave all the dildo jokes to Will Ferrell)  Outside of the new flick, she’s been keeping busy playing every man’s dream girl: the tom boy sports writer PJ on the TBS series “My Boys.” Between movies about failing used car lots and TV shows about sports, it’s safe to say Jordana Spiro should be the object of every American man’s affection.

A word from Jordana: “Basically my homework for the show was to learn how to play poker, watch sports and drink beer. It was really difficult.”

We’re not exactly sure how she got a job that involved performing things that men do for fun, but we’re guessing it had something to do with her looks.  We’re also a little jealous of her.  Check out more hot photos of Jordana after the jump!

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