Apparently Albert Einstein is getting the biopic treatment. Man, they are just GIVING these things away these days. The awesomely-named Wayne Wang (Maid in Manhattan, Joy Luck Club) will direct a script from Ron Bass (Rain Man, My Best Friend's Wedding), entitled simply Einstein. A search for the lead will be underway in the coming weeks, but I would like to jumpstart the process by suggesting two names: Dax Shepard and Vin Diesel.

While audiences may have a passing familiarity with Einstein (patent clerk, E=MC^2, atom bomb), this film will open eyes to more personal facets of his life, such as, "his struggles with poverty, his dyslexia, his love for music, his relationships with the women in his life, his persecution by the Nazis and his battle to deal with living in the public eye and being under constant scrutiny." Sounds like a life worth capturing, genius stuff aside. In order to stay true to his roots, producers are considering shooting the film in European locales. Those working in cinema and entertainment best get used to hearing "Einstein" without the usual smacks of sarcasm. (Deadline)