Entertainment Weekly got their hands on the first look of the non-huntsman-related Snow White, played by Lily Collins. Because you're probably as confused at I am, and I do this for a living, let's go through it. This Snow White film is currently untitled and will be helmed by Tarsem Singh (The Cell, The Fall). It stars Julia Robert as the Evil Queen, who we have not had the pleasure of seeing in character yet. Sean Bean has been recently cast as her father and Armie Hamer as the Prince, giving that other Snow White film a run for its money in the casting department.

Collins' Snow White looks...vibrant. Vivid? Like she's designed to be held under a black light. Gone is the lush imagery we've seen in recent films like Red Riding Hood. This honestly looks a little headache-inducing. I'm hoping the entire production design doesn't take on this sensibility, but when they lead with this retina-scorching image, you have to wonder.

I hope the 3D glasses are heavily tinted.