Never mind that Fast 5, the fifth installment of the street racing franchise, hasn't even come out yet. Let's talk about the sixth. Director Neil Mortiz told Collider, "Vin and I have had numerous conversations about what that might be. And we’re starting to get serious about it right now." I'm willing to bet that the sixth entry will be about crime with a bunch of race cars and crime, but maybe they'll take make it a coming-of-age period piece.

The franchise, after middling succes with the second and third entries, enjoyed a renaissance with Fast and Furious, in no small part due to the return of Vin Diesel. That entry grossed more than even the original, so it's no wonder that they're going back to that well again. And again. And probably again after that.

Since Vin Diesel has been an integral piece to the TFATF franchise, his role has been upped to "actor/producer" in Fast 5, and it's looking like he will carry that title into 6 Fast 6 Furious, or whatever the hell they're going to call it.

If that's not enough TFATF dish for you, there's more. The Rock has told Collider that he is anticipating a spin-off for his character as well, with Moritz participating. Wouldn't it be easier if Universal just renamed themselves "Fast/Furious Studios" and issued weekly press releases?