The first two Expendables films were fairly well-received because they seemed to know their role. They were blatant nostalgia plays that harkened back to the halcyon days of the 1980's with faces that had been largely M.I.A since then.

Well, that's over. The Expendables 3 has pursued and received a PG-13 rating, meaning that we're getting far less dumb violence, virtually no nudity, and (probably) pandering to a younger audience that might not even exist for this film.


At least the young ones will have Kellan Lutz. He's like a hybrid of the poor man's Robert Pattinson and the poor man's Channing Tatum. That should play well with the tweens. Wesley Snipes? Not so much.

The film comes out on August 15th, so maybe the producers are just counting on a heat wave and a power outage to drive people of all types to an air-conditioned theater to see...whatever.