Well, if anyone was wondering about the depth and breadth of the Avengers-style "spinoffs in a universe" franchise strategy, this should be a testament to it. The Expendables, a franchise that pits older (male) action stars against...whatever, is being spun off.

You know. For the ladies. The ExpendaBelles is a real project and it's got a real director in Legally Blonde's Robert Luketic. Considering his other works contain the phrases "Tad Hamilton" and "Monster-in-Law," I wouldn't expect this to be a straightforward shoot-'em-up.

No word on who's going to be cast yet, but I'm going to put $100 on Lucy Liu getting a call. Gina Carano is beholden to another, similar project, but I'm pretty sure Carrie-Ann Moss is available. She's been available for a while now. You know who my money is NOT on? Jennifer Lawrence. I just don't see that happening.