No wonder Superman is such a people-pleaser. He had Russell Crowe for a father. Christopher Nolan has signed on the surly Aussie to play Jor-El, the superhero's  biological father in the upcoming Superman: Man of Steel. Though nothing has been finalized, it is widely expected that Crowe will be confirmed shortly.

Production starts next month with Zack Snyder at the helm, so this decision came none too quickly. His son (Superman) will be played by Henry Cavill.

Now if they can only find a wife.

The final role to be cast is the role of Superman's mom. How they haven't already kidnapped Julianne Moore and dragged her to the set is beyond me. She would make an excellent mom for the Man of Steel. I don't know if she could be a natural ginger for the role, but I'm pretty sure they have hair and makeup people that could handle that with ease. (Variety)