We should take director Simon West's offhand comment about a Con Air sequel in space with a grain of salt, but we should ALSO take it extremely seriously because we just want it so damn bad. West said that he'd be up for revisiting the story if “it was completely turned on its head. Con Air In Space, for example. A studio version where they’re all robots or the convicts are reanimated as super-convicts, or where the good guys are bad guys and the bad guys are good guys.”

Well, the first one was pretty ridiculous, so I don't know if we need to consciously make it more ridiculous. I mean, just casting Nic Cage in ANYTHING these days is de facto over-the-top behavior.

However, let's not rule out a return to a plane (or spaceship) full of fugitives. After all, as the A.V. Club points out, Simon West was the guy who directed the Rick Astley video for "Never Gonna Give You Up," so his ridiculousness knows no bounds.