The Dark Knight Rises may be the most anticipated movie in production right now, but that doesn't mean the studio at Warner Bros. is just going to coast on reputation. The movie's website,, launched yesterday along with the announcement that the movie had begun filming.

To the untrained viral marketeer, the website would appear to simply be a black screen with some kind of industrial chanting sound. But some enterprising individual analyzed the sound file visually, and discovered a Twitter hashtag: #thefirerises. (Pause to take a breath) When you make a tweet with that hashtag, a photo begins to reveal itself one pixel at a time - one pixel for every tweet containing the hashtag #thefirerises. Anyway, the first image has somehow been revealed in full, even though it hasn't finished on the site yet, but you can take a look at it below, featuring Tom Hardy as Bane. And if you check out the site, you'll notice that each pixel is made up of a person who used the hashtag's Twitte avatar. Pretty cool campaign. (JoBlo)